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Cata Progression


  • Argaloth


  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
  • Valiona and Theralion
  • Twilight Ascendant Council
  • Cho'gall


  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
  • Valiona and Theralion
  • Twilight Ascendant Council
  • Cho'gall
  • Sinestra


  • Magmaw
  • Omnitron Defense System
  • Maloriak
  • Atramedes
  • Chimaeron
  • Nefarian


  • Magmaw
  • Omnitron Defense System
  • Maloriak
  • Atramedes
  • Chimaeron
  • Nefarian


  • Conclave of Wind
  • Al'Akir


  • Conclave of Wind
  • Al'Akir
Wotlk Progression

ICC 10

  • Lord Marrowgar
  • Lady Deathwhisper
  • Gunship Battle
  • Deathbringer Saurfang
  • Festergut
  • Rotface
  • Professor Putricide
  • Blood Prince Council
  • Blood-Queen Lana'thel
  • Valithria Dreamwalker
  • Sindragosa
  • The Lich King

ICC 10h

  • Heroic Lord Marrowgar
  • Heroic Lady Deathwhisper
  • Heroic Gunship Battle
  • Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang
  • Heroic Festergut
  • Heroic Rotface
  • Heroic Professor Putricide
  • Heroic Blood Prince Council
  • Heroic Blood-Queen Lana'thel
  • Heroic Valithria Dreamwalker
  • Heroic Sindragosa
  • Heroic The Lich King

RS 10

  • Saviana Ragefire
  • Baltharus the Warborn
  • General Zarithrian
  • Halion

RS 10H

  • Saviana Ragefire
  • Baltharus the Warborn
  • General Zarithrian
  • Halion
"Anticipation welcomes any who have the skill to raid but lack the tolerance for getting stepped on. We do encourage assisting us in gearing all the core raiders at the same pace, this will mean looking inward and doing what you know is right/best for the group as a whole. As the responsible parties for the overall progression as a guild as a whole officers and raiders present may from time to time award loot to the person in need of it most. As I have seen many of our core members do this without being asked but not everyone is going to have this view. We appologize beforehand and ask you to rethink what you want, and where. We are in this together as a whole, and are only as strong as our weakest raider present. If we all pull as one we will all have best in slot, now lets do it!" ~ Huritt, Guild Master of Anticipation
Guild News
Other Guild News

Happy Holidays!!!

jwb350, Dec 24, 10 1:16 AM.
Hey guys! This is Kavo from the guild. I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you guys enjoy it! Also, our first raid is coming up and it will be Baradin Hold which will be an introduction to Cataclysm Raiding. You can find the video in the Raid Guides Category in the Guides tab.

Also, if you need any help with getting gear whether in heroics or by crafting, don't be afraid to ask! If you need gear, gems, or enchants, let one of these people know:

Huritt: Blacksmith
Kavo: Leatherworker
Rakatin: Tailor/Enchanter
Max/Genoesis: Jewelcrafting
Adorabull: Alchemist

I can't wait to raid with all of you and once again, have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Cataclysm Lost City of Tol'virl Dungeon Guide by Huritt

Huritt, Dec 6, 10 10:28 PM.
Lost City of the Tol'vir

~General Husam~alt


Bad Intentions
Unlimited range
Instant    3 sec cooldown
Charges an enemy player with very Bad Intentions in mind.

Unlimited range
5 sec cast
General Husam cracks the ground beneath him, causing a Shockwave that inflicts damage 24375 to 25625 Physical damage to enemies within 5 yards of the Shockwave.


The Shockwave as usual it doesnt hit you instantly, during the channeling time of the spell you will notice a smoke moving in a line, thats where the spikes will come after the Shockwave casting time is completed. The boss will throw up yellow circle like bombs at the players, don't have to mention that you must avoid this thing too. After some time the mines will have bigger glowing animation, that shows that they will explode soon and if you stand inside that animation you will get hit.
Sometimes even with high details you are unable to see the are of effect on the bombs(traps) detonations. Bad Intentions is when the boss randomly charge someone(except the tank) grabbing them and throwing them for ~40k damage.

~Lockmaw & Augh~


Dust Flail
Melee Range
Periodically smashes the ground with his tail.

Scent of Blood
Deals 1387 to 1612 bleeding damage every 2 seconds. Nearby hungry crocolisks can smell your blood! You are a prime target for attack.

Venomous Rage
Increases damage dealt by 25% until cancelled (death) - Enrage.

Viscous Poison
45 yd range
Inflicts 10740 to 13260 Nature damage to an enemy target and their allies within 5 yards, slowing their movement speed by 30% and dealing 8325 to 9675 Nature damage every 2 seconds.


So first you kill Lockmaw ... his Dust Flail is a cloud on the ground that will cause you to miss, so simply move the boss out from it. He will randomly cast Scent of Blood on a party member and summon little crocolisks with 38k hp. You can easily cc the little crocks or you can just kill them, I usually prefer just to nova or frost trap them and zerg the boss OR you can have the person with the mark standing on top of the tank. After Lockmaw dies, there is a mini event where Augh pops up "stealing" your loot; you must engage him in order to obtain your loot. Augh has around two million HP and the only special he does is whirlwind, also he is pretty slow so even if your tank dies for some reason you can kite kill him.

~High Prophet Barim~

Fifty Lashings
100 yd range
Deals 50 lashings, 5 at a time.
Melee swings will cause a lashing for normal damage plus 5000.

Plague of Ages
45 yd range
Hurls a bolt of cursed blight at the enemy, dealing 6800 to 9200 Nature damage, and then jumping to additional nearby enemies.

Rips the target's soul from their body, exposing them to the spirit world.


Oh forgot he got one spell, but dunno the exact name he just casts a huge beam on you so you have to move away from it :D Other than that you just zerg this guy to 50% and let the Blaze of the Heavens (the phoenix add) be tanked or kited, once you reach 50% on the High Prophet Barim he will cast repentance and send you to the spirit world. Don’t get your hopes up, it’s nothing special in there, there is just a dark phoenix with 800k hp there that after you kill you get back to the living world and finish up the boss.




Deflecting Winds
Spell deflection increased by 90%.
Damage taken decreased by 90%.

Storm Bolt
70 yd range
2.2 sec cast
Inflicts 7068 to 7931 Nature damage to an enemy.

Wailing Winds
Dealing 2600-2700 damage every one second knocking down you for 6seconds.

Absorb Storms
100 yd range
Gathering energy from the storm.

Gathered Storms
Periodically deals Nature damage to enemies.
25 seconds remaining


The boss will cast his shield pretty soon after the pull and from then on you just have to deal with many adds/servants until his bubble goes off. There are two add types: Servant of Siamat (melee mob) and minion of Siamat (chain lightning casting mob - proritze this first always). You get the picture, tank must grab the melee mobs while even two dps can easily zerg the caster mob. After a certain amount of mobs are killed, his shield will go down and he will start casting Wailing Winds, and after that mobs will still spawn slowly. Ignore them and just kill the boss. After every Wailing Winds he will cast Absorb Storms.

Cataclysm Grim Batol Dungeon Guide by Huritt

Huritt, Nov 30, 10 6:22 PM.
Grim Batol

~General Umbriss~

Bleeding Wound
A vicious attack that deals weapon damage and an additional 7400 to 8600 damage every 2 seconds for 15 sec or until healed to 90% of max health.

55 yd range
3 sec cast
General Umbriss charges an enemy location, dealing physical damage and knocking them up if impacted! 

General Umbriss goes into a frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 50% and his Physical damage by 50%.

Ground Siege
20 yd range
2.5 sec cast
The massive ground tremor Inflicts 34125 to 35875 damage and stuns players for 4 sec.

He will also call two different adds to assist him every 30-35seconds - one Malignant Trogg (looks Purple) and three Trogg Dwellers.


On heroic General Umbriss goes into Frenzy from 30%, so it’s good for you to finish up/wait for the adds wave or if you have DK to pop army. Adds will always spawn from the rocks, with Malignant Trogg being the 2nd mob counted from stairs. Malignant Trogg’s special is that he bears a plague, that on death explodes doing heavy damage and spreading it to the closest target(range is around 10yds). The tactic I use is have a slow trap or some other slow on the mob and after that stun directly when he spawns, then all ranged dpsers must kill him fast, the other adds will run straight to the healer so they won’t be close when the Malignant Trogg dies and the plague won’t spread. For that you need to have General Umbriss tanked on the other side of the room and the healer to be there as well. The other thing that you have to watch for is his Blitz, that’s a simple charge towards the spot you were in when he targeted you, it’s pretty easy to avoid it - just move 10-20yds away from the position you get targeted in. Else you will get hit for 80-90k and get knocked into the air, which will cause you to take additional fall damage and you will most likely die. It’s good to kill all adds too, since they have nasty wound damage, do not fear them because if they leave the room the encounter will get reset.

~Forge master Throngus~


Mighty Stomp
Unlimited range
0.85 sec cast
The Mighty Stomp creates a Cave In.

Disorienting Roar
Unlimited range
The Disorienting Shout decreases cast and attack speed by 50% per charge, depleting a charge every time an ability is cast. Starts with 3 charges.

Impaling Slam
60 yd range
Charges an enemy, impaling it and inflicting 7800 to 8200 Physical damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.

Pick Weapon
2 sec cast
The Forge master ponders which weapon he wants to use to bludgeon his enemies.


This boss patrols through the second room of the instance, in order to engage him you have to kill the trash pack first.Nothing much to say about this guy. Every time before he casts Pick weapon he does Mighty Stomp, which causes rocks to fall at some location.
Pick Weapon makes him randomly go into three stances:

2h Mace
Kiting phase, he also jumps on a random player and impales them with his mace. On heroic he will also cause some lava zones to spawn on the ground.

Dual Blades
Throngus' attacks get really fast and he may do an extra swing with his weapons.

All damage dealt from the front of him will be almost completely nullified so get behind him and attack him only then. On heroic he will also breathe fire from his shield, so you would want to move away from it fast, also there will be flaming arrows hitting for 4-6k fire damage coming from the surrounding buildings, this is the hardest part and your healer must be ready!

~Drahga Shadowburner~


Burning Shadowbolt
Unlimited range
1.5 sec cast
Inflicts 7800 to 8200 Shadowflame damage.

Summon Invocation of Flame
Every 15-20 seconds


This guy is free loot! He is a caster mob that has 871k HP on heroic and around 40a% he will run nd mount up on a drake called Valiona with 4.15mil HP. The drake will cast a cloud on the ground beneath her doing some damage; you just have to move the boss and not to stay inside the cloud. On heroic Valiona will also cast Devouring Flames (3second cast time) and channel a frontal breath for 6 seconds. When Valiona hits 30% she will throw down the boss and you can kill him. Also, while on her back the boss Drahga Shadowburner will keep shooting shadow bolts for 8k damage. During the entire fight Drahga Shadowburner will also spawn Invocation of Flame; you can see the target location from the flames burning on the ground. You can do everything to these elementals, slow them, stun, trap, root, etc. They have 77490 HP and they target a random person from the party and chase it, if they manage to reach him they will explode doing a small knockback and around 60k aoe damage.




Binding Shadows
60 yd range
1.5 sec cast      6 sec cooldown
The Binding Shadows drains 7800 to 8200 life every 1 sec and
root players within 5 yards of the target for 6 sec.

Enfeebling Blow
Melee Range
Next melee       6 sec cooldown
The Enfeebling Blow inflicts 75% weapon damage as Shadow damage, knocking the target back and causing their mind to become feeble(Knock back the tank and placing him a debuff - Feeble Body that increases damage taken by 100% for 3 sec).

Shadow Gale
Unlimited range
5 sec cast
Channels a Gale of Shadows inflicting increasing Shadow damage over time to enemies that are not in the eye of the Shadow Gale.


Regular dps tank and spank boss until he starts channeling Shadow Gale. At that point he will put a little void zone like spot close to the party players in the room and before he finishes his cast you must stand inside that "void zone". During the Shadow Gale the boss will take extra damage, so it will be a good idea to tank him next to the void zone. After each channel he will call minions (Faceless Corruptors) to assist him. In normal he summons 1 add and on heroic there are two, those adds do not attack! Again, they will always spawn exactly after the Shadow Gale at the stairs of the room, after that they will move towards the eggs and channel a spell called:

Twilight Corruption
The Faceless Corruptor channels his energies into corrupting the egg!
10 seconds remaining

If you let those 10 seconds pass, little whelps will spawn and will heal the boss for a lot. Those one/two Faceless Corruptors can only be slowed and rooted.The tactic we use on heroic is usually root one, kill the other dude then go back to the rooted mob. If you do not have a druid in the party, just make sure that both mobs are slowed and just focus kill them one after another.

Anticipation still Recruiting!

Huritt, Nov 28, 10 2:25 AM.
Our Raid Times

Tuesday: 7:30 pm CST/7:30pm Server to 10:30 pm CST/10:30pm Server
Wednesday: 7:30 pm CST/7:30pm Server to 10:30 pm CST/10:30pm Server
Thursday: 7:30 pm CST/7:30pm Server to 10:30 pm CST/10:30pm Server
Friday: 7:30 pm CST/7:30pm Server to 10:30 pm CST/10:30pm Server

Our Expectations

Attendance: Our current raid days are only four days a week. Applicants are expected to maintain at least a 90% attendance. Compared to the usual five days a week raid schedule many raiding guilds have, this is not asking a lot. What we want from you is to show up, be on time, and committed. If you are going to be a flake do not waste our time.

Gear: Gear is an indicator of the commitment you have to being prepared and to playing your class to its fullest. Your gear must be able to contribute to our level of progression and be enchanted/gemmed to the best of your knowledge. Stop reading here if you are a gear CHARITY case, please go waste someone elses time.

Skill: Ideally we want experienced raiders who have seen the game inside and out, and who have experienced the scope of WoW raiding as its changed through the years. You will have to perform, accept criticism, and show initiative in improving on any of your weaknesses—whether it be DPS, healing output, a particular encounter, or even the enchants on your resist gear.

Experience: We're an 11/12 ICC raiding guild, and 4/4 Ruby Sanctum. We have every right to deny applicants if they are not up to our caliber of expectations. Minimum of 6/12 in both 10 and 25 is required for all applicants.

Preparation: Your character must be optimized to reach its full potential. Consumables are expected during progression raids and you must be responsible enough to study encounters. In other words, come prepared for raids with whatever consumables, spec, and knowledge you'll need to enhance your performance. Ultimately you'll need a conceptual understanding of the mechanics behind raiding.

Computer: We expect you to have a stable internet connection and damn good computer that will work properly in 25-man raids. We won't put up with !***ty connections. So don't bother applying if your internet is the suck, bad, fail, etc.

Maturity: We’re looking for mature members who put PvE progression as one of their top priorities. No #%!%*%%s please, we already have more than enough. If you don’t know what this means, then don’t waste our time. Included in this is people who whine about not getting raid spots, sitting out, or loot distribution. We’re not looking for rude, condescending or selfish players. Ventrilo is okay to joke around in, but the moment Raid time begins NO FOOLISH BEHAVIOR!!! If you are any of these – please refrain from applying.

TEAM: We are looking for mature members who understand what it means to be on a team. Who enjoy getting to know all the #%!%*%%s in the guild and flipping crap right back.


If you have questions, make an alt on our server and talk to any Anticipation member you see online or alternatively, make an account on our forums.

We look forward to hearing from you!
So-and-so has logged on!